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Medical Billing and Coding

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, “total employment in the U.S. economy is projected to grow to 161 million, or 10.8 percent, over the 2012–2022 decade and add 15.6 million jobs to the 2012 employment level of 145.4 million.”

What does that mean for the world of healthcare and health information and specifically, Medical Billing and Coding? According to the same Outlook Handbook the U.S. BLS released, the healthcare information industry will increase by 21%. This opens up many doors for anyone attempting to look for a job in the Health Industry which includes Physical Therapy Aide, Medical Assistance, Personal Fitness Training, Massage Therapy and even the Medical Billing and Coding field. In fact, while the industry is multiplying immensely, it seems like the perfect time to get certified at The Southern California Health Institute and get into the field. In this growing field of Medical Billing and Coding, there are many different ways to get a credible job and build your resume to move up the ladder and optimize your salary.

Since we are on the topic, computers are also a great way to optimize your search for a job in the Medical Billing & Coding field. The internet is a massive bank of information that assists prospective Medical Billers & Coders with finding the perfect fit for them. Various blogs, forums, and search engines can have tips and job listings for you to look into. This may be overwhelming, but you can quickly start with just a generic Google search such as, “Medical Billing & Coding Jobs.” Maybe, switch up the words a bit after that. Try searching just, “Medical Biller” or “Coder Jobs”. Switching up keywords can be a surprise that can lead you to a career opportunity you would’ve missed out on if you didn’t dig just a bit deeper. Don’t be scared to scroll down the way and click along the way.

Aside from generic search engines, you can also look for Medical Billing and Coding forums or websites that harbor specific information and job postings in your growing field. “The American Association of Professional Coders” has a useful job board posted up on their website. This job board can be found at, and on it, you can search for jobs via keyword or phrase. There are also various filters you can adjust that suit your preferences such as geographical location, focus in the field, post date, and relevance. The AAPC job board is a credible source for steady jobs because employers purchase listings on the board since they know it has garnered a strong ethos to carry out this cycle. Remember that just like you are looking for a credible job, employers are also looking for credible Medical Billers and Coders.